Ambassador Pre-Launch Program

HOW IT Works

As a pre-launch ambassador, we are going to ask you to spread the word and get your friends to download the YES app and create dates. 

Each friend you invite that sets up a date earns you $10. Real profiles/dates only please; we want to build an active, vibrant community. The ambassador who refers the most active daters will receive a VIP table at our launch party!

The challenge runs until March 2nd!

You must create a date and have your invites do the same to qualify for the program.


Fill out the form and you will receive a text invite to the app from YES. Set up your own profile and create a date.  You can then start inviting your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I post dates outside of San Diego?
No, all dates must be posted in the San Diego County area.

Do I need to be single as an ambassador?
Technically no, but you need to be comfortable with people showing interest in your dates.

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